The new TV800 EZCell robot is the fi rst six-axis robot manufactured by Toshiba Machine. This makes the company the only major industry manufacturer to offer a complete range of robot technologies - SCARA, Cartesian and six axis. Ideal for the automotive sector, the robot will find uses in a host of handling and assembly applications.

The TV800 has a total arm length of 800mm, a reach of 892mm and a composite maximum speed of 8.06 metres per second. The robot has a maximum cycle time of 0.5 seconds, repeatability of ±0.02mm and a maximum payload of 5kg. It is controlled using Toshiba Machine’s new TS3100 controller, which is programmed in SCOL, a language similar to BASIC that is used across all Toshiba Machine industrial robots. This also has the option of a teach pendant for easy access outside the cell.