The new products on show from Tornos included the Multi-Alpha 8x20 in its Chucker version, aimed at the production of more complex parts.

The machine enables operators to load billets or rough parts instead of bars and to carry out machining both in operation and counter-operation mode. As the Swiss manufacturers explain, the integration of a facility for rough unit parts provides a whole range of benefi ts, such as parts handling as well as complex and complete part machining without handling the part once it is in the machine.

A new CNC automatic lathe for the production of mid-complexity parts was introduced by Tornos as well. According to the Swiss manufacturers, the successful design of the Sigma 20 is found in the new Sigma 32, which also provides larger capacities. The renowned ergonomics, modularity and power familiar from the former model are present in the new version. The new lathe has been designed for the production of parts of medium complexity up to 32mm in diameter.