The latest introduction to the Tornos family is the Delta – designed specifi cally to allow companies to meet the price points of simple production parts. The compact Delta line is available in 3-5 axes versions for parts up to 20mmØ and 210mm long. Tornos has also introduced the Deco ‘e’ range of turning centres, suitable for producing 1-32mmØ parts of medium complexity. Compatible with the Tornos ‘a’ line, these 7-8 axes turning centres allow three tools on the bar simultaneously. For parts under ¼-inch (6.32mm) in diameter, Tornos offers the Esco range of coilfed lathes. Advantages of using coil stock over traditional bar stock include reduced downtime and labour costs caused by bar stock loading. The system also requires less fl oor space. The Esco machines can turn parts 24-hours a day, with an uptime rate of 90-98 per cent.