SKF has launched the TKTI 10, a low cost, easy-to-use two-megapixel digital camera that also offers thermal imaging. Suitable for use by automotive engineers and maintenance technicians with limited knowledge of thermal imaging, the new thermal camera looks and operates like a standard digital camera, but further allows thermal and visual images to be blended together for easy image interpretation.

Using proprietary array-based detector technology, images are saved on a micro SD card for viewing on a backlit 3.5in screen. Unlike low-end thermal imagers, two separate spot temperatures can be displayed, which can be moved independently to any selected area of interest.

Automotive engineers may check engines, ignition system and fuel/air adjustments, cooling systems, thermostats, radiators, catalytic converters, brakes and tyres, and climate control systems.

For experienced thermographers, the camera also features; auto temperature ranging, eight colour pallets, selectable emissivity, refl ected temperature compensation, hot and cold spot fi nding, and temperature area measurement. The camera is supplied with all accessories and software, plus a padded carrying case.