DMC 55 H duoBLOCK® – at its OpenHouse in Pfronten DECKEL MAHO will be presenting its new horizontal machining centre in the compact class.

Optimised for the high demands of fl exible series production the new DMC 55 H duoBLOCK® horizontal machining centre from DECKEL MAHO is a convincing successor to the successful DMC 50 H as well as the DMC 60 H hidyn, taking pallet sizes up to 400x400mm. At the same time new standards are set by the stability, rigidity, and performance data for dynamic response, speed, and precision. Further features of this impressive innovation include the small space requirements; tooling and retooling facilitated greatly by the optimal pallet changer and machining chamber accessibility; the optional high-end controllers Siemens SolutionLine or Heidenhain iTNC 530 (new on the horizontal machining centre segment); the spacious machining chamber and the equally high workpiece loads of up to 500kg; a fast 12,000 rpm motor spindle as standard (delivering 110Nm and 20 kW); and fi nally a consistently applied concept for up to 180 tools providing the right solution for all demands.

Already enjoying great success the H Series from DECKEL MAHO will therefore be receiving a new efficient and powerful compact model. Furthermore, the development of the DMC 55 H duoBLOCK® marks the fi rst implementation of DECKEL MAHO's patented duoBLOCK® concept in the compact class. We look forward to seeing what the next few months will bring us – above all at EMO in Hanover.