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    Tesla to build new factory in Mexico


    The company, which also has factories in the US, Germany and China, has chosen the northern border state of Nuevo Leon for the plant

  • Automotive Battery Supply Chain 2022_report

    Automotive battery manufacturing and supply chain 2022: Risks, regulation and resiliency


    The latest AMS battery report forecasts production capacity, analyses suppliers and materials, and shows why OEMs and suppliers are forging new partnerships

  • Gigafactory database

    Lithium-ion battery gigafactory database 2022


    Track electric vehicle lithium battery gigafactories by manufacturer, location, manufacturer, current and planned gigawatt (GWh) capacity.

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    Megacasting: a chance to rethink body manufacturing


    The aluminium die-casting process could revolutionise body construction. Professor Wolfram Volk, the department head for forming technology and casting at the Technical University of Munich, explains the advantages and disadvantages of so-called ‘mega’- or ‘gigacasting’.

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    Electrifying Europe: new EU ‘Fit for 55’ legislation effectively bans petrol and diesel engines by 2035


    The EU’s latest salvo against the automotive industry to mitigate against climate change will eliminate ICEs and transform automotive manufacturing

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    EV battery supply chains on the move


    As electric vehicles become serious business for OEMs, they are reassessing their battery supply and manufacturing bases, putting their eggs in multiple baskets and taking more control of the process.

  • EV and hybrid EV assembly plant database

    Electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle plant database


    Track factory locations for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles by manufacturer, model and location.

  • OEM battery cell supplier database

    OEM and lithium-ion battery cell supplier database


    Keep up with changing supplier relationships between electric vehicle manufacturers and battery cell suppliers in this database.

  • Battery supply chain report 2021

    Electric vehicle battery supply chain analysis 2021: How lithium-ion battery demand and production are reshaping the automotive industry


    Download this report for forecasts of lithium-ion battery demand, analysis of battery cell factories and insight on EV battery manufacturing and sourcing. 

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    Can Tesla shift the balance of EV battery and cell manufacturing away from China?


    At Tesla’s recent Battery Day presentation, the company promised to shake up its battery supply chains by moving into cell production and even the mining of raw material, but how realistic are these targets?

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    Tesla plans for more efficient battery production


    Tesla has revealed a host of production innovations to make lithium-ion battery manufacturing more efficient and reduce costs, including in-house battery cell production, which could cut the miles travelled for the battery production by 80%, and the reduction of the cobalt content of the cathode, which would bring further supply chain savings

  • At its factory in Fremont, California, Tesla runs one of the world’s most advanced factories in the automotive world

    Tesla gets the gig in Berlin


    Electric carmaker Tesla is to build its next Gigafactory in Germany, co-founder and CEO Elon Musk told an awards ceremony in the country on Tuesday.

  • Tesla took on Fremont in 2010, remodeling it for SOP of the first Model S in June 2012

    Tesla, Fremont


    At its facility in Fremont, California, Tesla runs one of the world’s most advanced factories in the automotive world. Covering 5.3 million sq. ft of manufacturing and office space, the facility was previously home to General Motors. 

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    Tesla starts building China factory


    Tesla unveiled plans to build a factory in China back in 2014. The EV maker has now taken its first step to construct the facility after breaking ground on the site in Shanghai. The move comes amidst a series of regulatory changes made by government which could have a ...

  • Model 3 First Deliveries

    Tesla 'on track' with 3 production


    The mass production of electric vehicles (EVs) could have enormous impacts on the automotive industry. With economies of scale comes cost reduction - and the high upfront price of models currently on the market has been slated as one of the most influential factors on their low uptake to date.Tesla ...

  • E-Shuttle 300, Eisenmann

    Tesla contracts Eisenmann at Fremont


    US – According to the Germany-based supplier, the deal to build a new paintshop at Tesla’s growing plant in California runs into “nine figures” and is the most valuable in its history. Eisenmann will provide two fully automated paint lines, one for car bodies and one for components such as ...

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    Tesla to open Chinese plants for Model S


    China – According to the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, growth in sales in the region could match US demand potentially as soon as 2015, and therefore justify local manufacture. Musk intends to inaugurate Tesla’s presence in China at the end of March. In the US, assembly preparations for the ...

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    Tesla opens assembly plant in the Netherlands


    Netherlands – Tesla’s Tilburg facility will serve as the final assembly and distribution point for Model S vehicles sold in Europe as well as Tesla’s European service and parts headquarters. Covering 18,900 square meters, this new facility is prepared to receive the new Model S, after it has been ...

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    Tesla na Holanda


    Tesla move para Tilburg para distribuição Montadora elétrica Tesla Motors, anunciou que iniciará a distribuição de seu sedan Model S de seu novo centro de distribuição de 6.000 metros quadrados europeu em Tilburg, na Holanda. É a primeira vez que o veículo foi distribuído fora dos EUA desde que foi ...

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    Tesla переводит дистрибуцию в Тилбург


    Производитель электромобилей премиум класса Tesla Motors объявил о начале дистрибуции седана модели S из нового дистрибутивного центра в Тилбурге, Нидерланды. Впервые дистрибуция компании будет производиться не из США. Центр в Тилбурге также станет штаб-квартирой Tesla в Европе по запчастям и сервису, а также окончательно точкой сборки и дистрибуции ...