Habasit has introduced what are billed as the strongest plastic modular belts for conveying extreme loads in the automotive industry, suitable for use with skid conveyors and general car conveyors. The high-performance belts, which feature nylon or steel rods, are driven by solid lug tooth sprockets that provide optimum sprocket engagement. Offering tensile strength ratings of up to 100,000 Nm (6,800lb.ft) and a high lateral stiffness, the belts combine to create an extremely stable conveying platform. The belts are available in Flat Top (M2620, M5020, M6420), Non Slip (M2623, M5023, M6423) formats, with a 2.5” Perforated Non Slip surface (M6424), suitable for water test line applications, to be released at a later date. Further features (as in the M6420 Flat Top, pictured) include the smart fi t rod retaining system that provides maximum rod retention while allowing fast repairs during general maintenance, without the use of complicated tools. By using the steel rod option, belt strength is maximised, ensuring smooth operation on conveyor lengths up to 91m (300ft). - www.habasitlink.com