The new STC 800 from Starrag Heckert was billed as a compact, rigid and highly effi cient machining centre. It manufactures complex work pieces in aluminium, steel, titanium and other exotic materials in five-axis simultaneous mode to the highest precision needed.

The STC range is particularly suited for challenging machining applications in the aerospace and aero engine industry, the steam and gas turbine industry, as well as for any demanding task from other manufacturing sectors.

The machine has a moving column and a gantry-driven workpiece table and features a working area of 1,400mm in diameter and height. Five-sided machining is no problem thanks to the high precision, directly driven rotary table and the nodding milling head, which has already been proven in heavy-duty metal cutting.

The high modularity enables it to be optimally adapted for various technological applications. The great fl exibility facilitates adaptation to ever-changing production requirements.