Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB is a market leader in the fi eld of advanced high-strength steel (AHSS), supplying OEMs and Tier companies that use the material to manufacture safety-critical parts for automotive production.

SSAB delivers product under the brand name Docol AHSS. “With SSAB’s AHSS products, car manufacturers can make safer and lighter cars that cost less to produce,” says Lilian Sjans, Automotive Director at SSAB. “Docol is one of the strongest cold-rolled AHSS products on the market and it is the steel that can offer car manufacturers the most benefits.”

SSAB supplies Docol AHSS to a wide range of car manufacturers and Tier suppliers in 30 countries worldwide, in four key niche areas: Side impact door beams, bumpers, seats and structural components.

A new steel now available is Docol M, a martensitic product. These ultrahigh strength steels contain 100% martensite, making it one of the strongest cold-rolled AHSS steels on the market. While it is extremely strong, Docol M can be formed into many types of safety components, with companies such as Shape and DURA Automotive Systems using the product to increase the impact resistance and reduce the overall weight of their products.