MAG’s new Specht 500/630 horizontal modular machining centre offers linear motor or ballscrew drives, CAT-40 through HSK-100 tool interfaces, six spindle options, four control options and three 5-axis confi gurations to suit operations ranging from one-off jobs through to machining line integration. The machine is engineered around a box-in-box, moving-table design for low inertia responsiveness, returning accuracies of up to four microns (0.00015in) with 260Nm (192 ft lb) full-torque cuts. The new Specht machining centre requires no warm-up and offers multi-step sleep mode and regenerative drives. It also requires 50% less coolant than comparable machines and one-third less air extraction volume. Specht says that the centre’s ‘maintenance-friendly design’ is a direct result of the company’s automotive industry experience, offering front or rear spindle removal and a one-cabinet fl uid management centre for grease, pneumatics, coolant and hydraulics. The base machine starts as a 500 or 630mm pallet machining module with a direct drive B-axis table (500 or 600kg payload), absolute glass scales, 10,000rpm/15kW/CAT40 (20hp) spindle, 40-pocket tool disc and changing unit, and a Fanuc 32i control. Directly coupled ballscrews deliver 60m/ min speed and 6m/sec acceleration.-