SKF has launched its new Idler Sound Monitor Kit. This easy-to-use handheld monitoring device can detect faults in conveyor belt idlers. Conveyor idlers support the length of a conveyor belt and are a common cause of belt damage - and production downtime.

The Idler Sound Monitor Kit is ideal for monitoring conveyor idlers across a range of industries. Equipped with acoustic enveloping technology, the unit can distinguish between the sound of a good idler and a faulty unit, even in high ambient noise environments. The device detects faulty idlers earlier and more reliably and safer than if a manual operation was conducted by listening or observing for faulty idlers.

The SKF Idler Sound Monitor Kit has a simple visual display, headphones and audible condition alarm. The unit’s ease of use gives even inexperienced workers the ability to detect faults with minimal training. The unit allows for easy data download for subsequent review.