Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions Division has announced a compact, lightweight addition to its range of high-resolution industry-standard Camera-Link-equipped camera modules. The XCL-U100 features a selectable Power on Camera Link (PoCL) and measures just 29x29x30mm, shrinking the footprint to just one-third of Sony’s XCL-5005 and the overall volume to one quarter.

Designed for machine vision applications, the device’s PoCL capability allows for fl exibility of customer confi guration. Units can be powered using PoCL or by a separate 12V DC supply. Using the PoCL function, the compact cameras can be installed in small spaces such as inside robotic arms and semiconductor pick-and-place machines. Weighing just 55g (two ounces), the module provides high-quality, 2MP (1,600x1,200pixel) images at up to 15 frames per second. Using 1/1.8 type 12-bit CCD, progressive scan and interline transfer technology, it is ideal for production quality applications such as precision inspection, item recognition and detailed object measurement.

The XCL-U100 is C mount design and offers both normal and external shutter operation, with a variable shutter speed of 0.0001 and 0.0002s. The camera module also comes equipped with a 0 to +18dB gain control and has a 4.4x4.4μm cell size.