Dow Corning’s Silastic 100 per cent Fluoro Liquid Silicone Rubber (F-LSR) is a new fully fl uorinated twopart injection mouldable elastomer designed to meet increasingly stringent automotive engine temperature, fuel and oil resistance specifi cations. It combines the ease of processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) with the temperature and fuel resistance characteristics of fluorosilicone rubber (FSR) to improve manufacturing effi ciency and part performance. Silastic 100 per cent F-LSR provides labour savings, higher equipment capacity and reduced scrap rates to customers currently using high-consistency fl uorosilicone rubber.

Automated injection moulding with Silastic makes possible the production of intricately-designed, high-quality, high-precision parts. In addition, LSR injection moulders can now supply fuel resistant parts. Parts manufactured with Silastic 100 per cent F-LSR are able to withstand harsh temperatures from -60°C to +220°C, fuel, chemical, lubricant and oil environments, and outperform parts manufactured with the existing copolymer fl uorosilicone options. This translates into greater durability and extended part-life.