SICK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision and automatic identification products has launched its LUT8 and LUT9 luminescent sensors. Luminescent sensors react to luminescent pigments, which are activated by a UV light source in the sensor. These cost-competitive, high-performance sensors provide longer sensing ranges and more selection models than previous versions.

The LUT9 also offers additional advances, including selectable dual-light ports, an IO-Link for remote monitoring and two-point teach-in, claimed to make it the best-performing luminescence sensor available.

The LUT8 and LUT9 sensors are ideal for applications requiring high accuracy luminescent mark detection in automotive manufacturing. The sensors offer wavelength adjustments in order to easily identify difficultto- detect luminescence characteristics. Different light spot patterns and a high-visibility bar graph display, which illuminates when the higher luminescent intensity is detected, provide increased installation flexibility. Plus, LUT9 versions with IO-Link capabilities provide continuous monitoring of process parameters, enabling simple, cost-effective diagnostics – even from remote locations.