Scania TucumanArgentina – The truck-maker's investment over the past two years to boost the efficiency and output of its plant in the north of the country has resulted in component exports to Europe increasing by 600%.

“Scania uses a global production system, so it's essential for us to keep the Tucumán facility up to date and reflective of the brand's highest standards,” explained Per-Olov Svedlund, president and CEO of Scania in Latin America.

“We are reaping the benefits of all the work we did,” added Adolpho Bastos, managing director of the Tucumán plant. “Thanks to the changes and to the modernisation initiatives that we implemented, we have gone from exporting 5% of our production volume to Europe two years ago to 35% today.” The remaining 65% feeds Scania Latin America’s production unit at São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.

Next year, Scania Tucumán will reach its 40th year of production. The facility makes transmission components including pinions, crowns, shafts and synchronised gears for use in Scania vehicles.