Tata Consultancy Services, Recharge and Scania

Batteries are the critical ingredient in the EV revolution with the market estimated to be worth up to $410 billion by 2030. Creating a functional value chain requires not only technological development and innovation in manufacturing, significant funding and a workforce with the relevant skills. Critically it will also require partnerships across the value chain, from government to raw materials, mining, cell producers, software, electronics, tier-1 suppliers and OEMs – all spanning multiple industries and companies, some of them new to automotive production.

This panel explains what’s needed to establish and optimise this end-to-end value chain, including the role of government and industry initiatives, OEM and supplier partnerships and what Europe and North America can learn from the Chinese example.

Claude Chanson, General Manager, Recharge
Sajid Yacoob, Senior Partner, Smart Mobility Group, Tata Consultancy Services
Tony Persson, Head of Battery Production, Scania Group

Hosted by Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief, AMS and Ultima Media

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