Xenoy iQ resin, from Sabic’s Innovative Plastics unit, offers superior ductility and improved impact resistance for automotive parts. This translates to improved energy absorption in such events as pedestrian impacts, which is why the material has been used to produce the undertray fitted to Ford C-MAX models.

As a further benefit, the resin fits in with Ford’s commitment to sustainability, as it offers thermoplastic properties with an extremely low carbon footprint. The combination of light weight, high strength and excellent elongation is not available with more brittle glass fibre or talc-filled materials. Other advantages offered by Xenoy iQ include improved chip resistance, while in the case of the C-MAX, the material’s high flow and low warpage allowed designers to position air flow channels in the material to direct air towards the engine intercooler.

“Thanks to Xenoy iQ resin, it was possible to fulfil the various requirements and, at the same time, deliver a lightweight, high-strength solution with eco-friendly characteristics,” said Jordi Martinez Andreu, Engineering Manager, Faurecia Automotive Exteriors.