The RX10 is an accessory for Renishaw’s laser calibration systems, allowing the comparison of the programmed rotation of a drive or rotary table to the actual rotation as measured using a traceable laser source. Used in conjunction with the XL-80 or ML10 laser systems (and angular measurement optics) the RX10, allows rotary axes to be calibrated to within one arc second accuracy. A control unit links the RX10 to the PC and XL-80 or ML10 laser to give fully-automated testing. This enables a rotary axis to be fully checked in only 25 minutes. This represents a time saving of more than fi ve hours over traditional methods, such as auto-collimators and optical polygons. This RX10 is mounted on the rotary axis, which is then rotated in defi ned steps. After each axis move, the RX10 unlocks, and rotates back to the previous position, relocking on a highly-repeatable Hirth coupling, accurate to one arc second. Angular optics are mounted on the RX10 and any angular error compared to the previous starting position is recorded.-