Multibase (a Dow Corning company), a key player in thermoplastic materials, has introduced a new range of rigid and masterbatch compounds, reinforced with micrometric structural talcs, (PP-μTalc).

This new product line offers new technical and competitive cost alternatives for the design and manufacturing of structural plastic parts.

Automotive parts need to integrate more and more functions. This leads to more severe requirements, which could only be fulfi lled up to now with expensive solutions such as elastomer reinforced polypropylene, glass fi lled polypropylene or reinforced polyamide.

Multibase’ PPμ-Talc compounds and masterbatches meet these technical requirements while using a unique new mineral reinforcing agent. This product line offers signifi cant improvement in terms of thermal-mechanical properties providing an excellent compromise between impact resistance, rigidity and temperature while maintaining an excellent surface aspect. For more information please visit: