Swiss toolhandling company REGO-FIX has made a signifi cant addition to the tried-and-tested ER tool clamping system with a new type of coolant fl ush disc. It offers great potential for saving production costs. This is because in contrast to the external KSS infeed, the cooling and lubricating agents can be applied directly on the tool’s cutting edge, meaning a longer tool life and better removal of chips. Furthermore, it makes the use of expensive cooling channel tools unneccessary for some machining operations. The multifunctional system is easy to operate and offers good results and reliability. The precision is above that required by the DIN. The ER System, produced in accordance with DIN 6499/ISO 15488, is the standard in industrial production and offers the widest range of toolholding products with cylindrical shanks. The new coolant fl ush disk is affi xed in the same manner as a normal sealing disk, but without an O-ring. The coolant is fed through the nozzle ring along the tool shank to the cutting edge and thus goes precisely where the machining occurs. The coolant fl ush disk can be used with all REGO-FIX collets and their respective clamping nuts, and can be easily changed for the appropriate tool diameter. -