Delphi Halogen Free Cable is a recyclable, halogen free, heavy metal-free cable designed for both interior and exterior vehicle applications. Designed to ISO-6722 in both thin-wall and ultra thin-wall insulation, it is rated for 125°C continuous use without cross linking and contains no restricted chemicals.

With up to 27 per cent average weight reduction compared to thin-wall PVC cables, it helps enable a reduced system mass and helps enhance fuel economy. It also promises 47 per cent average volume reduction over thin-wall cable reduces the space needed for cable and improves packaging opportunities.

Superior temperature, abrasion, and fl ame resistance allows a robust design to help ensure durability in the product life-cycle. It guarantees one insulation for interior and most underhood applications for reduced component proliferation and helps reduce total cost.

Delphi Halogen Free Cable complies with ECO regulations for environmental standard design and specifi cations, helping contribute to environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and end product.