RCA (Robot CMM Arm) is equipped with patented technology to accelerate repetitive 3D laser scanning inspection jobs. It offers the automation capability of a traditional CMM and the mobility and part accessibility of an articulated arm. RCA combines a highly-accurate internal seven-axis articulated arm with an external skeleton driven by electric motors. This unique setup creates a measuring robot concept that drives a Metris MMD laser scanner along the programmed motion path. Thanks to premium encoder technology and stiff carbon fi bre axes, RCA intrinsically offers absolute measurement accuracy within an inspection volume of 4.2 metres. With seven degrees of freedom, the RCA has infi nite options allowing access to any inspection location. Unlike a CMM, RCA is able to access inner cavity locations of specimens, such as inside vehicle body shells. A rugged design, easy programming and intrinsic absolute accuracy offer increased 3D laser scanning productivity and fl exibility. www.metris.com