Existing noise measurement devices only sample ambient sound, forcing employers to estimate workplace noise levels and base hearing protection on potentially fl awed conclusions. This can endanger employee hearing and risk violating regulatory codes. QuietDose, produced by Howard Leight by Sperian, is said to be the only personal dosimeter that measures and records actual in-ear exposure to noise over an entire shift. If a worker removes the earplug for any length of time, QuietDose will assess that additional exposure and alert them should they exceed their allowable dose. The QuietDose system consists of a small Exposure Smart Protector (ESP) dosimeter worn by an employee in a shirt pocket or on the back of a hardhat. Special earplugs or an earmuff with integrated microphones record real-time in-ear noise levels. An infrared reader enables safety managers to retrieve data from the ESP dosimeter at the end of each shift or work week and analyse the results. Using the data collected by QuietDose, safety managers can track, document and address potential hearing loss in the workplace. The data also helps in selecting appropriate ear protection, while monitoring proper usage of supplied ear protectors. The system can also be used to evaluate the potential for capital investment in equipment producing lower noise levels. www.howardleight.com