Kistler Instruments has launched a range of fi ve new force sensors. The new equipment is designed specifi cally for use in quality assurance monitoring in assembly applications and offers virtually maintenance-free working operation.

The piezoelectric sensors cover measuring ranges from 5kN to 120kN and are supplied as standard with 1%, 10% and 100% measuring range calibrations. In most applications, the sensors may be fi tted directly into presses, punches and rams. Where this is not possible, a variety of fl anges and adapters are available. Double-sided centred seating is available where high precision coaxial installation is required, such as in presses.

Three of the sensors have a longitudinal, central bore for use with ejector tools and the standard accessory kit includes a steel screw-on cap to protect the radial cable outlet, mounting adapters and threaded bushes. Traceable calibration and additional measuring range calibration are available as options.