Control 2008 – the international exhibition for quality management will be held at Stuttgart, Germany, on April 22-25, 2008. AMS previews some of the products that will be shown at this popular annual event

As the world’s only trade fair that focuses strictly on quality assurance, Control presents the entire spectrum of products, systems and complete solutions for efficient, effective quality assurance.

Compelling technological advances which are introduced to the market at an ever faster rate by the automotive industry, communications technology and microsystems technology are above all, the result of consistent development and production in accordance with stringent QA controls. From mechanical measuring instruments to electronic testing systems and laser measuring technology, right on up to high resolution image processing, Control presents up-to-date hardware and software tools.

Carl Zeiss
Hall 3, Stand 3302/3402
Hall 1, Stand 1612

Carl Zeiss offers the supplier industry and vehicle makers a variety of measuring machines for the precise inspection of form and surface features. The latest member of the Rondcom family, the Rondcom 76A spindle form tester, will be on display. Its functionality permits the measurement of the interior and exterior diameter, as well as the parallelism of cylinders. The drive speed of the directly-driven axis is three times as fast as standard spindle form testers; that of the rotary axis twice as high. Rondcom 76A’s solid granite base makes it insensitive to vibrations from the production environment and it can accommodate very large parts. Rondcom 76A provides the foundation for a further increase in productivity, particularly in the manufacture of cylinders for the engines of motorised vehicles.

Hall 5, Stand 5302

CogniTens will be exhibiting its range of Optigo and OptiCell dimensional measurement products and industry solutions. CogniTens Optigo and OptiCell are based on their advanced, patented 3D non-contact measurement technology. The core technology embedded into both platforms facilitates the acquisition of data of large areas in a fraction of a second, allowing operation in manufacturing environments, overcoming vibrations, changing illumination conditions and other environmental factors, making it optimal for use in demanding automotive shop floors.

Optigo is a fully-portable dimensional measurement platform, easily operated by shop floor operators and engineers. OptiCell is a fully-automated dimensional measurement platform designed for recurring measurements of parts and assemblies in the shop floor environment. Both platforms provide comprehensive analysis including surface deviation, edge point measurements, cross section measurements, surface and edge point measurements, closed-feature dimensions and location as well as other dimensional information.

Hexagon Metrology
Hall 5, Stand 5302
Hall 1, Stand 1612

Hexagon Metrology will be showing the new Leica Absolute Tracker product line from Leica Geosystems. At 22 kg and 62 cm in height, the new Absolute Tracker is the most compact laser tracker from Leica Geosystems to date. Leica AT901-MR is a midrange laser tracker with 6DOF [6 Degrees of Freedom] capabilities. When coupled to the Leica Geosystems T-Products, such as Leica T-Probe, Leica T-Scan and Leica T-Mac, the Leica AT901-MR can operate in a measurement volume of up to 18m. It is the ideal laser tracker for automotive applications, allowing the placement of several bodies-in-white within its measurement envelope.

Hall 1, Stand 1612
Hall 7, Stand 7526

Metris will be demonstrating its expanding product offering within the X-ray and computer tomography (CT) technologies, following its acquisition of X-Tek, the British maker of X-ray and CT inspection systems used by a wide range of electronics, automotive and aerospace companies. Metris will also be demonstrating its new 7-axis MCA (manual coordinate measuring arm) for accurate and fullfreedom laser scanning. With this new 7-axis articulated arm, Metris offers a complete inspection and reverse engineering solution that can be used just as easily in the metrology laboratory as on the shopfloor.

Hall 1, Stand 1934

Perceptron will be demonstrating a brand-new addition to its portfolio of non-contact process monitoring systems: ScanTrak, a hand-held, externally-tracked laser scanner for countless applications in the fields of prototyping (reverse engineering) as well as part and tool inspection (CAD comparison for dimensional accuracy verification and troubleshooting). An industrial robot in the booth will allow visitors to experience some of Perceptron’s innovative automated in-line measurement (for example stud measurement) and robot guidance solutions. The third highlight will be Argus, Perceptron’s powerful software tool for automated process analysis and monitoring. The direct 3-D visualisation of problem areas facilitates the quick and correct interpretation of the 100% measurement data by plant personnel and offers the key to the data-empowered selection of the most efficient process optimisation solution.

Hall 7, Stand 7334

The recent partnership between work-holding specialist Schunk and Vision & Control has produced a development of the latter’s Camat product series, the Intelligent Vision Sensor SRV. This will be on display at Control 2008. The SRV can perform assembly and feature checks, recognise damage on edges, detect the position of fastenings and labels, and sort and remove defective components. At the other end of the scale, Schunk’s new Rota NCS sealed six-jaw power chuck will also be on show. This offers high run-out accuracy, with active pull-down force distributed through its six jaws for demanding lathe-based precision machining.

The ingenious active pull-down effect produced by the Rota NCS produces the best results in terms of plane parallelism and rectangularity. The achievable axial run-out accuracy is less than 0.01mm.

Sick Vertriebs
Hall 1, Stand 1635

The new generation of safe control solutions from SICK, known as sens:Control, will be on display at Control 2008. In addition, there is a new modular safety controller – the Flexi Soft – that visitors to the stand can examine. The integrated, safe control solutions offer sophisticated technologies for all automation environments – for an ideal interaction with all types of safety sensors. Because of its low wiring requirement and rapid installation, the complete programme of safety relays allows simple integration of all safety components in a machine or plant.

Whether Flexi Classic or the new Flexi Soft, both safety controllers are system-open and flexibly-expandable solutions. SICK offers innovative safety network solutions and gateways that allow the integration and evaluation of safety-orientated components in bus systems for machines and plants with a high level of networking.