Over many years, the Optrel e640 Miraplus has successfully served many end users. This classic helmet is suitable for use in any applications requiring DIN4/10/11 functionality. The cartridge quality remains the same, with a new design to prevent the front lens cover from being scratched when placed face down on the welding table, while the helmet shell is greatly improved.

The new cartridge fixation allows for greater flexibility when subjected to the robust conditions of welding life, plus there is a more efficient cartridge exchange method. Thanks to this, the most important part of the helmet – the cartridge – is much better protected, especially during transport.

The 10 per cent reduction of weight of this helmet without effecting comfort and safety continues with our target of reducing neck strain for the welder.

OPTREL e1100 OS100 upgrade
By using new battery technology, an updated face seal, a stronger protective sleeve and an optimised air duct coupling, the Optrel e1100 is more user friendly than its predecessor, the OS100. But not only has the system itself been updated, but also the service.

The product now comes with an extended warranty of two years. When the warranty period expires, we can repair your system. Contact our repair service and we will supply a quote for the parts required.

The newly-designed face seal offers increased comfort for the wearer. Thanks to the new face seal, the Optrel e1100 guarantees protection to level TH2P in Europe, extending the required protection level.

The new lithium ion battery-technology means that the standard battery for the Optrel e1100 is the same as the OS100’s long life battery. The effi cient coupling system of the Optrel e1100 allows the air supply hose and blower to be easily removed from the helmet to allow the welder to move more freely.
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