Online in-line monitoring, visualisation, analysis and optimisation -with local and global access to identify and avoid production problems - is an important issue in modern high-quality auto body manufacturing

This area is where an innovative, intelligent, process-independent production quality database such as Q-VIS from Isra Vision can help. It facilitates comprehensive quality management of process measurement data, and helps in achieving a real understanding of processes and in avoiding costs arising from defects, before waste is even produced.

The full potential of in-line measurement technology is realised only when the accumulated measurement data from individual measurement stations are compiled to form an information base that provides valuable knowledge for production optimisation. This task can be performed by the Production Quality Data Base Q-VIS as a separate software solution or in combination with in-line measurement technology. The database system is installed on a central server separate from the sensor and robotic system and can be used by an unlimited number of operators from their own office PCs.

All it takes is three mouse clicks
The system provides complete monitoring, visualisation, analysis and optimisation – from the local measurement cell right across all production lines and every vehicle, for individual factories or on a worldwide basis, with local and global access. The control panel module presents the current quality status and aggregates the various measurement data: you can tell at a glance whether a measurement object as a whole complies with the prescribed tolerances. Just three mouse clicks are enough for the operator to move from the visualised overall status to individually-analysed measurement results.

The analysis module performs the task of processing the 2D and 3D measurement data, rapidly displaying the characteristic parameters for a given day, and is equally capable of providing an accurate analysis of longer-term variations. Complex mathematical calculations and process analyses assist in production optimisation.

The visualisation module provides a spatial display of all measurement deviations in a CAD model. The report module provides informative statistics. The management module makes it possible to prepare high-quality documents for use in decision-making.

With this innovation, it is possible to implement rapidly reacting and well-documented quality control processes without delay. Typical applications can be found in the area of high-quality auto body construction: Q-VIS is already being used as a standard system by leading automobile manufacturers with great success.