A new way to encapsulate electric components and seal switches and wires in the electronics, automotive and aerospace industry has been developed by Power Adhesives of Basildon. Traditionally, the process involves the use of epoxy resins or silicone-based products. Power Adhesives, the UK’s leading manufacturer of hand-held hot melt adhesives and applicators has developed a special polyamide hot melt potting compound TECBOND 7718, applied using a conventional glue gun. It has a low viscosity which allows the material to fl ow easily into small cavities. Once applied, the black potting compound prevents the encapsulated components being visible and ensures long-term stability of the device. The product has a very fast-setting time of between fi ve seconds and two minutes, depending on how much is required and the application temperature. This eliminates the need for drying racks, jigs and trays. The potting compound is supplied in the form of a 12 mm diameter rigid stick that is loaded into a conventional glue gun then dispensed in its molten form onto or into the component. The product cures to a tack-free fi nish and any unused material will be reactivated the next time the glue gun is switched on. There is no mess and the process requires no cleaning or fl ushing. Furthermore, the potting compound has a very long shelf life. - www.poweradhesives.com