Connecting motor starters can be simplifi ed with a new solution from Moeller: easyConnect SmartWire. Using Moeller’s xStart Series motor starters as a basis, the motor contactor and the motor-protective circuit-breaker are connected with a contact module without any cables. In order to make the starter SmartWire-compatible, the user simply plugs an additional SmartWire module onto the contactor.

This module provides two six-pole plug-in connections into which the prefabricated SmartWire connection cable is plugged. The second plug-in connection can be used for looping to the next motor starter and so on. The power supply for contactor control and for signalling the switch position of contactor and motor-protective circuit-breaker back to the PLC is now implemented entirely via the SmartWire connection, and a gateway. This provides the central power supply for the contactor control and the direct fi eldbus connection of the motor starters to easyNet, CANopen or Profi bus. Up to 16 SmartWireenabled motor starters can be connected with a gateway. The control circuit wiring and the input/output cards of the PLC can be replaced with SmartWire entirely.