EOS has introduced the EOSINT P 800, said to be the first laser sintering machine in the world capable of producing plastic components from high-performance polymer powders at temperatures up to 385C.

Exact physical replicas of a CAD model are built up layer by layer in the P 800’s sealed, nitrogen-fi lled chamber. Two 50W CO2 lasers fuse the powder where plastic is required.

Based on the EOSINT P 730, the latest model offers additional modules, including a process chamber and exchangeable frame. Further, heating and cooling have been parameterised due to the increased temperature range. Options include online laser power control, which offers real time measurement of laser power output. The system can also effect closed loop control.

EOS also offers the PEEK HP3 polymer powder, from the polyaryl ether ketone family, the fi rst to be introduced for processing in the high temperature system. Components made from the material can be operated continuously at temperatures between 180 and 260C, depending on application, and fi re retardancy conforms to UL 94-V0.