The PNOZmulti Mini is the latest addition to the PNOZmulti range of multi-functional control systems. With a width of 45mm, the PNOZmulti Mini is considerably smaller than the PNOZmulti (134mm) and is designed mainly for use with stand-alone machines in all areas of engineering. Like all PNOZmulti products, the PNOZmulti Mini is easily configured using the PNOZmulti Configurator, with which it is 100% compatible.

Despite its compact design, the PNOZmulti Mini provides the same digital inputs and outputs its larger counterpart: 20 safe inputs, four safe semiconductor outputs (in accordance with SIL 3, PL e) and four test pulse outputs.

Two starter kits are available for the Mini (with screw or spring-loaded terminals) including: safety relay, a USB cable, and chip card. In addition to monitoring safety functions such as emergency stop, safety gates or light beam devices, the Mini also has logic functions necessary to perform machine control tasks.