PIAB’s P5010 vacuum pump features patented COAX technology and is designed for automated vacuum handling applications. The P5010 pump provides the highest possible vacuum performance in relation to energy consumption, helping to reduce carbon footprint and improve conservation efforts. The P5010 modular design guarantees shorter changeover times and provides opportunities to customise and optimise vacuum performance, function and interface. Featuring two base pumps and strong aluminium interfaces, the P5010 is highly energy-effi cient, lightweight, robust and reliable. To further reduce energy use, the P5010 series can be equipped with an optional air-saving (ES) function to minimize air consumption in sealed applications. Further, an additional Automated Vacuum Management (AVM 2) control and monitoring unit, or control unit with valves for on/off and blow-off activation, can also be added to enable users to control remotely and display trouble shooting. The unique design of P5010 features a push-in principle, which facilitates inserts and removals, saving time and money during service. The cartridge inside the pump does not require screws or hardware; users simply push in to the manifold for convenient installation and remove for cleaning and maintenance. In addition, installing a P5010 is simple and user-friendly, with several mounting options, including the industry standard DIN rail mount and robust mounting rail for one of two pump modules.- www.piab.com