PIAB’s COAX system is an improved design based on its multi-stage concept for creating a vacuum with compressed air. It can be easily integrated into the body of manufacturing machinery with multistage cartridges, making maximum use of energy by eliminating line losses and ineffi ciencies. Even with the ultimate decentralised vacuum solution in place, companies can further reduce energy expenditures with reliable control systems. PIAB has developed solutions like the Atmospheric Quick-Release valve (AQR) and the Vacustat. The AQR does not consume any additional compressed air to release a part. Instead, it acts like a traditional quick-release valve, but uses the ambient atmospheric pressure as its energy source. The Vacustat is a vacuum-controlled air-saving device, minimising the consumption of compressed air to virtually nothing for an air-driven pump in a sealed system. Using less air for an extremely reliable grip can mean huge energy reductions. www.piab.com