Pepperl+Fuchs has released its new X-Series Pile Driver Extended Range Inductive Sensors. The sensors are available in 12mm, 18mm and 30mm diameters to deliver sensing ranges of 5mm, 10mm or 15mm – up to 2.5 times the range of traditional inductive sensors. One-hundred per cent stainless steel housings 20 times more durable than those of the competition’s brass and plastic housings. Black Armor coated, weld-immune models are also available.

X-Series Pile Drivers’ extended sensing field is beneficial in automotive manufacturing applications as it enables reliable detection of irregularly-shaped contours, while increased sensorto- target distances that help eliminate contact-related scuffi ng of “Class A” hood, door and trunk surfaces. Weld-immune models are uniquely capable of providing long-range part detection with full immunity to both AC and DC weld fi elds, and repelling weld splatter.

Marcel Ulrich, Product Manager at Pepperl+Fuchs reports, “X-Series Pile Driver’s have an up-front cost that is only 35-40% higher than a traditional plastic-faced sensor. So if a sensing application averages even one contact-related failure per year, the X-Series Pile Driver will more than pay for itself in reduced sensor replacement costs and inventory, and increased machine uptime and throughput.”