Pepperl+Fuchs has introduced a new family of Emergency Stop (e-stop) Switches with integrated Safety at Work (SaW) functionality. These intelligent e-stop switches are powered by the ASInterface network and offer fast, error-free installation in fi eld or panel-mount applications. Field and panel-mount models are available in high-intensity, wide-angle illuminated versions, as well as non-illuminated versions, to suit any e-stop application requirement. Illuminated models are lit with a high-intensity LED to eliminate the need for auxiliary power, while reducing the number of required leads to two.

By reducing the number of leads it may be possible for users to operate their AS-Interface system solely on the networks popular fl at yellow cable. For added flexibility, the LED is not activated by the button but is controlled by a PLC, which allows users to solve even the most unusual applications. Non-illuminate e-stops provide safe operation at a lower price point than illuminated models. The field-mountable versions eliminate all wiring to save time and eliminate the possibility of incorrectly wiring the e-stop switch, and feature an M12 connector that works in conjunction with Pepperl+Fuchs’ popular flat-to-round cable adapters to reduce installation time to less than 60 seconds.