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  • Ian Henry

    Food for thought in Paris


    So many big names were absent from this year’s Paris motor show that the long-term future of these events must soon be called into question. Nissan, Volvo, Opel, Ford and Fiat in particular were notable no-shows. Audi and Skoda had a presence, but the Volkswagen brand was perhaps the biggest ...

  • Mitsubishi Xpander

    Mitsubishi to boost Bekasi plant output


    Indonesia - The company has decided to increase capacity at its manufacturing facility in Bekasi, primarily to keep up with rising demand for its Xpander crossover MPV. It can currently make around 115,000 units of the model though hopes to top 160,000 by fiscal year 2020, with the number of ...

  • Luc Chatel - PFA

    A European focus


    The third edition of the French automotive forum offered insights into the region’s production footprint and OEM e-mobility strategies. Nick Holt reports The 3rd FEAL Auto forum placed its focus on the Hauts-de-France, seen as a primary region for automotive manufacturing. The event highlighted the strong commitment from both regional ...

  • Volvo Cars recycled plastics

    Waste not…


    Karen McCandless reports on vehicle-maker recycling projects ranging from plastic bottles to electric vehicle batteries As vehicle production numbers continue to increase, up from 11.9m in 2013 to 17m in 2017, so do the automotive industry’s waste management efforts continue to improve. The waste generated per unit produced in the ...

  • Nissan Auto China 2018 Leaf

    Japanese OEMs target China for EVs


    An increasing number of car manufacturers based in the US and Europe are turning their sights on China, especially since authorities recently promised to abolish the rule that companies outside the country can own a maximum stake of 50% in joint ventures with Chinese companies. Tesla was among the first ...

  • Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy EV

    Dongfeng Nissan starts making Sylphy


    China - The zero emissions vehicle is now rolling off production lines at the Dongfeng Nissan plant in the Huadu District of Guangzhou. The model has been designed specifically for Chinese consumers, and the company hopes it will "usher in a new era of electrification.""We're confident that the Sylphy Zero ...

  • AMS NA cover sq

    Out now: North America 2018


    When it comes to America and automotive manufacturing, some things are impossible to ignore. Foremost among them are: The Big Three, the light truck segment and Trump. In our latest global region supplement, we bring you the full set.In this AMS special supplement we examine a region that produces around ...

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    田纳西士麦那日产工厂是日产全球网络中最大的冲压厂,Gareth Price报道任何参观田纳西士麦那日产工厂的人都不会错过宣誓大门。该厂是北美产量最高的工厂。数据最能说明一切。工厂每年的产量为640,000辆。工厂不仅可以为国内市场和北美市场服务,而且还面向全球大约60个国家,其中还包括右座驾式的澳大利亚和新西兰。还有一个熟悉的场景,就是成队在阿联酋提供出租车服务的Altima汽车。所有这些都需要大量的钢铁,每天士麦那工厂都要使用750,000磅(340,000公斤)的钢铁和28,000磅(12,700公斤)的铝材。占地超过480,000平方英尺的冲压厂比美式足球场地都要大。这是日产全球生产网络里最大的冲压厂,生产的零部件足以生产120万辆汽车。除了为士麦那供应以外,工厂生产的零部件还会运到坎顿密西西比工厂,以及全球其他日产工厂。而整个流程的起点就是每个重量达40,000磅(18,144公斤)的钢卷。这些钢卷被买入之后,就会送到板材压力机上,进行切割和塑形。板材切割完毕之后,就会交给多工位压力机加工,1,000多个模具就会接踪而来。田纳西的重量多工位压力机的尺寸有很多种,小点的压力机为1,500吨(1,360公吨),等级较低。工厂最大的多工位压力机是Komatsu,重为5,200吨(4,717公吨)— 相当于6架满载的747飞机。压力机有5层,3层在地上,2层在低下,能够产生1,000万磅压力(450万公斤),足以冲压一整块车体侧边。1983年的时候日产在士麦那开始生产,位于纳什维尔东南部,而这个城镇的人口为8,000人。现在,日产在当地的员工数量就达到这个数量了。工厂在运营以来不断发展 ,现在已经占地590万平方英尺,接受总投资64亿美元。该厂目前生产6款车型,其中的5个是内燃气车型,它们是:Pathfinder, Rogue, Infiniti QX60, Altima and Maxima。第六个是日产Leaf电动车,于2013年首次进入士麦那。第二款车型是去年12月推出的。工厂经营两个独立的生产线,一个生产Pathfinder、Rogue和Infiniti SUV车,另一个生产Altima和Maxima轿车。去年,第二个生产线还增加2018款Leaf汽车。尽管动力系统从根本上不同,但是第二个生产线生产的所有汽车都不需要配料。尽管如此,生产这两种类型车辆在生产需求上还是有很多不同。第三个领域就是电池,电力动力系统和消除燃料箱。日产应对这些不同并最大限度减少对生产的中断,通过装配站设计,加倍内燃机汽车和电动车的生产。这种流程也复制到另外两个Leaf生产厂,一个在日本的追滨,另一个在英国桑德兰。尽管士麦那曾经是个小城镇,但是现在已经成为一个颇具名气的地方,日产的交付量巨大,而且变体类型也很多。然而,在工厂北部新搭建的帐篷下存放着整车,成为气候原因可能引发事故的危险地带。这个地方经常出现冰雹天气,因此将所有的装配、喷漆、金属抛光滤网免遭冰冻才是明智的举动。 

  • Nissan Smyrna

    Stamp of approval


    Nissan’s Smyrna facility in Tennessee is home to the largest stamping plant in the Japanese OEM’s global network. Gareth Price reportsAny visitors to the Nissan plant at Smyrna, Tennessee, can’t fail to notice the proclamation above the door, The highest volume plant in North America. There’s a strong case. Plant ...

  • Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 10.55.52

    Pacific standard


    Responding to the boom in SUV and crossover markets, the OEMs of Japan and Korea continue to invest in manufacturing operations across their long-established North American networks. Ian Henry reportsCross-border CorollaAfter a period of not investing in North America, Toyota is once again expanding in the region. It is building ...

  • OEM Europe N America

    Transatlantic ventures


    Volvo is the latest European marque to take up a North American manufacturing base. As Ian Henry reports, it joins Germany’s giants in exploring the benefits while coping with the complexities…Steeled for battle in SpartanburgBMW has been very critical of the decision by President Trump to apply tariffs on steel ...

  • Nissan Smyrna 2019 Altima copy

    Nissan upgrades US assembly plants


    US - The OEM has announced that it is spending $170m to support production of the new Altima, which is now entering its sixth generation, at its two plants in Smyrna, Tennessee and Canton, Mississippi. The model is set to go on sale this fall."Nissan's continued investment in our manufacturing ...

  • NAFTA nations

    NAFTA: the saga so far...


    Seven rounds of talks have taken place since NAFTA renegotiation began last year but the trio of nations are no closer to agreeing a deal. Nick Gibbs reportsPresident Trump’s policies on trade relations continue to cause upheaval within the automotive industry. In the US, one of the biggest headaches is ...

  • FCA Sergio Marchionne

    The man who saved Fiat and Chrysler


    Sergio Marchionne was a remarkable man. He dominated the auto industry’s headlines and news agenda and his passing robs the industry of one of its few star namesIn an age when be-suited corporate types still bestride many auto sector boardrooms, Marchionne’s casual dress sense (sweater and no tie were de ...

  • Nissan Navara Cordoba Argentina

    Nissan boosts Navara production


    Argentina - The pick-up is now being built at the Renault plant in Santa Isabel, Cordoba. Nissan has cited rising global demand for the model as justification for the move."With more than 15 million Nissan pickup owners across 180 countries, trucks are a growing segment across the world and a ...

  • Ian Henry

    PSA and Nissan exploring new ground


    An interesting news report caught my eye recently; the article suggested that PSA – whose Chinese plants are operating well below capacity – will lease one of its factories in China to Nissan later this summer. The report suggested that the factory and its workforce will move to Nissan in ...

  • Philip Calhoun named VP of Nissan Canton

    New VP to lead Nissan Canton


    USA – Nissan has announced senior management changes at its Canton, Mississippi facility. Effective 1st September 2018, Philip Calhoun will take over as vice president Manufacturing at the plant. Calhoun will be based in Canton and report to Heath Holtz, senior vice president, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing, Nissan ...

  • Lynk & Co 01

    O mais novo elo de uma cadeia crescente


    A Geely pretende alavancar a propriedade da Volvo para desenvolver e fabricar modelos Lynk & Co e introduzir uma nova abordagem em vendas e serviços. Reportagem por Ian HenryA nova marca chinesa Lynk & Co causou um grande impacto muito rapidamente. Quando seu primeiro modelo, o 01, foi colocado à ...

  • Lynk & Co 01

    El último eslabón de una cadena creciente


    Geely recurre a su marca Volvo para desarrollar y producir modelos Lynk & Co y ofrecer nuevos sistemas de venta y mantenimiento. Artículo de Ian HenryLa nueva marca china Lynk & Co ha creado una gran expectación muy rápidamente. Cuando el primero modelo 01 salió a la venta en China ...

  • Dongfeng Nissan’s first X-Trail rolls off the line in China

    X-Trail production begins in Xiangyang


    China - The first Nissan X-Trail has rolled off the production line at Dongfeng Nissan's Xiangyang plant, which is located in the northwestern part of Hubei province. At the same time, the facility, which was Dongfeng's first to be built back in 1983, recorded the milestone of making 1.6 million ...