Jackson Products has launched TL Multiview, a brand new, CE-marked welding helmet as part of the company’s Translight (TL) range of welding helmets. This new welding helmet provides the wearer with greater all-round peripheral vision with complete safety through UV IR 5 side windows (optional) on each side. The design incorporates both traditional concepts and futuristic ideas, making welding more comfortable and at the same time providing complete safety. It can be used with a wide range of different Jackson Safety ADF (Automatic Darkening Filters) from the Twisted Nematic to the Jackson-patented Surface Mode Technology ADF’s, which have a very high switching speed between normal and dark. TL Multiview is approved to EN 175 S and with its robust design, which is almost indestructible in normal use, unique high quality graphics and screw in lens retainer, it provides the welder with both safety and comfort. - www.jacksonsafety.com