Dassault Systemes’ has updated its PLM simulation software DELMIA V5 Robotics to cater for complex flexible manufacturing devices such as multi-wrist robotic arms. This allows for more accurate simulation of the manufacturing processes and better defines resource allocation.

Additionally, new native language teach pendant capabilities allow off-line programmers to program robots with V5 3D processing planning tools using both a teach pendant and programming language familiar to the robot technician.

Users of V5R17 DELMIA robotic simulation solutions also now have the ability to customise their solutions through the use of user-friendly Visual Basic (VB). New interfaces include tag/tag group creation and manipulation, controller data profi les, kinematic relations, tool mount model and task.

With the new V5R17 release, DELMIA’s industryleading robot motion planning is even more accurate and robust with new high cycle time and path planning validation and analysis. For applications requiring the highest level of accuracy, Realistic Robotic Simulation and Realistic Robotic Simulation II modules are available.