DE-STA-CO, producer of robotic tooling and workholding solutions, has released a new electric parallel gripper said to combine improved durability with the economy of brushed motor technology. The DPE Series gripper is designed for any application currently using pneumatic grippers. DESTA- CO says that the new gripper requires no programming, tuning or adjustment, making it a ‘plug and play’ technology. Using a ‘light switch’ operation that requires a 24 VDC power supply, the new gripper reportedly generates very little heat, despite its 100% duty cycle. The company also claims that the new DPE Series gripper requires no maintenance, translating to the lowest cost of ownership when compared to either pneumatic grippers or other electric models. Constructed using a rack-and-pinion synchronization and drive, users can expect a 25 million-parts grip life. The DPE Series electric parallel gripper can handle up to 120 parts per minute, with a grip force of 20lbs (90N). The fully-sealed motor housing also helps prevent contaminant and moisture ingress.-