Georg Kaufmann Formenbau has debuted its new moulding technology, GK LIPfi bre (Georg Kaufmann Lightweight Integrated Process fi bre). This moulding system, which combines thermoforming and injection mould processes, produces lightweight structural components from glassfi bre reinforced thermoplastic composites. These high-strength parts are 25% lighter than comparable metal components.

The dynamic impact modifiers are constructed from preheated sheets of fabric and glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic. This is thermoformed before it is enhanced with ribs, corners and edges in the same mould. The material for the ribs is a glassfi bre filled polymer.

This combination of thermoforming and injection moulding requires a system where individual process steps are synchronized with each other. Orientation of the fi bres is taken into consideration based on part function. The melt for the overmoulded ribs is injected via a hot runner system, bonding with the thermoformed sheet.