Kennametal has extended its well-proven KenFEED portfolio with the introduction of two new types of solid-carbide milling cutters, with diameters from 6mm to 25mm. The solid-carbide KenFEED mills are available in two geometries; the tools having been developed specifi cally for machining hardened steels of 37-52 HRc (KMDA geometry) and 52-67 HRc (KHDA geometry). With an innovative point geometry on each of the six cutting edges, solid-carbide KenFEED tools work with feeds-per-tooth of up to 0.6mm, increasing metal-removal rates by up to 200 per cent. The tools are also relieved to allow improved access when machining cavities or complex shapes. The solid-carbide KenFEED milling-cutter programme is available in KC639M grade, a PVD AITiN-coated fi ne-grain carbide, combining very high hardness with extreme cut toughness, providing an excellent balance of wear resistance and durability.