Kuka Systems has introduced a new acoustic insulating compound application system that allows chassis insulation material to be automatically applied during the production process. This replaces the need to cut and manually fix bitumen or butyl mats, plus the system can support production of various different models on the same line. The water-based acrylate product is environmentally friendly, allowing for easy cleaning and excess product disposal.

Three Kuka KR 30 L16 industrial robots are used to apply the insulating compound and open various closures for improved access. Additionally, the standard confi guration also comprises KS linear units to allow application in diffi cult-to-reach areas of various vehicle models. Application systems feature a variety of nozzles for applying the compound, measuring, controlling and conveying technology, while material supply is handled via double-barrel pumps. The system further features equipment tailored specifi cally for the process, such as Kuka’s nozzle-cleaning technology.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved logistics and material provisioning with the elimination of bitumen mats
  • Full model flexibility
  • Ergonomic improvements through the elimination of workers needing to access hard-to-reach areas
  • Can be used for aluminium bodies
  • Can be applied to vertical surfaces
  • Weight advantages
  • Resource reduction through less compound and weight
  • Cost saving

The cycle time of the new system can be adapted to customer requirements and tailored to the needs of different model versions. It can be operated over a three-shift pattern, and has achieved a more than 98% availability record.