Wey Adhesives has launched a new Hot Melt adhesive system to reduce repetitive strain injury (RSI) in users and also reduces costs for the purchaser.

The German built Buhnen HB 5010 Tank Melter comes with a hose and innovative applicator gun, which swivels through a complete 360°. Traditional guns have limited manoeuvrability, which causes strain on the user’s wrist. Buhnen’s solution also increased the life of the hose by eliminating twisting and torque. Wey Adhesives’ Martin Dennis states: “This equipment feeds adhesive

to the hose through a gear pump, dispensing an accurate and repeatable quantity of adhesive. It handles high viscosity adhesive making it suitable for the automotive industry where it is used by Aston Martin for carpet in-lay and sound deadening”.

The unit comes with connections for two heated hoses and the price for one tank, hose and gun starts from around £2,400 + VAT.