Epson has introduced the new C3 series to its range of six-axis vertically-articulated robots. The new model, which is billed as combining best-in-class speed and accuracy in a slim body, returns average cycle times in the 0.3 second range (1kg load), with repeatability of ±0.02mm.

The C3 series is the fi rst compact model in the ProSix series of six-axis robots, which employs Epson’s high-speed, low vibration Smart Motion Control technology, offering optimal functionality for precision assembly of small parts. The robot’s volume is reported to be only 1/44th of the full motion range.

According to Epson, its robots are widely used in a range of manufacturing sectors, including automotive, and the new C3 series is put forward as adding to that range of applications. In addition, ProSix models can be ceiling or wall mounted, enabling installation in a variety of settings and with minimal interference to peripheral equipment.