The Vulcan series of high-temperature grippers from De-Sta-Co are suitable for automated foundry and casting applications. Equipped with available options, the gripper can operate in temperatures up to 450oC (840oF). Vulcan series grippers come in three sizes, with holding capacities ranging from 91Nm (67 ft/lbs) to 414Nm (305 ft/lbs).

Each can be used for both angular and parallel motion applications, while the gripper is tested to fi ve million cycles. The base gripper model features a hard-coat treated body designed to enhance durability, while an optional fi reproof Kevlar boot is available for extreme applications. The Kevlar boot also protects the gripper from carbon, dust and metal debris often encountered in foundry settings. An optional stainless steel heat shield is also available. A port enabling the injection of low-pressure air into the gripper body is available on certain models, cooling the gripper and extending unit life.