Pierce fastening and assembly specialist Profi l has launched the SZB stud, a fast and secure anchor post for plastic or metal clips used to secure trim, insulation, hydraulic pipework or electrical wiring runs to sheet metal components. Ideal for use in the automotive industry, the new fastener features an asymmetric buttress (Christmas tree) style thread that provides simple push-on, screw-off location for the secondary fasteners. With an industry-standard 5mm core diameter and installed height of 15mm, the new anchor stud is dimensionally equivalent to standard welded fasteners. As with other Profi l products, it can be inserted automatically in pressed components as part of the production process at rates of more than 100 fasteners per minute. In addition, the SZB stud can be installed in low volume and prototyping applications using a simple C-frame press. SZB studs will self-pierce up to 1.5mm DC03 / DC04 grade steel and can be mounted in pre-pierced materials up to 3.0mm thick. Unlike welded alternatives, the new anchors are equally suitable for use with coated or uncoated materials, including high tensile, stainless and sandwich steels, aluminium sections and magnesium castings. They also provide assured clip orientation and location, as well as an absolute positional accuracy of +0.2mm. www.profil.eu