Expanding its range of its Econo-Vue photoelectric sensors, Pepperl+Fuchs has added AC/DC versions to the existing DC models. The Econo-Vue’s universal supply voltage is signifi cant in that it allows a single sensor to be used for AC or DC applications. Additionally, AC supply sensors could result in longer runs of interconnected sensors than using only DC types. The Econo-Vue series is available in fi ve sensing modes and over 100 models to suit varied application requirements. Every Econo-Vue sensor includes a fl ush-mount bracket that allows for a simple, tool-less, unobtrusive means of mounting the sensor on a conveyor. Ball-and-swivel and half-clamp mounting brackets are also available to allow precise positioning. The Econo-Vue series also delivers housing versatility with both straight optic and rightangle optic models. Econo-Vue sensors consume up to 50% less current than other M18 cylindrical photoelectric sensors. Lower power consumption means it is possible to power more sensors per power supply. Econo- Vue sensors are available in tamper-proof models that eliminate external adjustments and operate at maximum signal strength. www.pepperlfuchs.com