Crankshaft grinding specialists Naxos- Union have introduced the PM 460 which promises large diesel engines the highest degree of dimensional accuracy and the best surface finish. The PM 460 is designed for the manufacture of crankshafts that weigh up to six metric tons and have a maximum length of six metres. These large crankshafts demand a roundness of 10 μm or better, a tolerance the PM 460 can hold thanks to its design, and with much less effort than the previous setup required.

Assessing the market situation, Dr.-Ing. Jens Muckli, Managing Director of Naxos-Union observes: “Market demand for large diesel engines is rising, and we have already sold four of our new PM 460s. It gives you a fair idea of the image value that Naxos-Union has generated over the 135 years of its existence We are still considered the “round makers” who are able to grind crankshafts with the greatest dimensional accuracy and the best surface finish.”