Motoman has introduced the new seven-axis VS50 ‘Versatile Spot’ welding robot, designed to optimize automotive applications using DC spot guns with compact servo actuators. According to Motoman, the VS50 robot can be placed in close proximity to workpieces and other robots to create fl exible, high-density layouts, This can eliminate multiple stations, resulting in shorter production lines and smaller spot welding work cells, that in turn help reduce cycle and takt times.

The compact VS50 robot is 493mm wide (including the spot harness), with a 2,853mm reach and ±0.1mm repeatability. Seven degrees of freedom provide the ability to reorient the manipulator axes without changing gun position and the VS50’s multi-jointed arm can fold down into a very low profi le. The integrated spot harness prevents interference and helps to reduce programming time. Integrated cabling and hoses are said to last more than six times longer than traditional harnesses, reducing maintenance and improving uptime.