Plastic parts require special treatment during positioning for measurement, as materials are often relatively soft and unstable. In order to avoid deformation, the parts should not be clamped, but gently fixed without exerting any pressure on the part. Temporary deformation would lead to falsifi cation of measuring results. Alufix fixtures are conceived in such a way that parts are held securely but without tension.

Alufix, from Witte Bleckede, is a modular fixturing system that makes it possible to assemble custom-built fixtures on the spot without any lead time. Changes in part design can be immediately catered for due to the modularity of the system. Usually, just a few manual operations are necessary to adapt a fixture to the latest part data. The Alufix system consists of a variety of highly-accurate, high-tensile aluminum components, which can be used over many years without any loss of quality. The part variety and multiple application possibilities of individual components enable diverse assembly variations. Made from high-tensile aircraft aluminium, Alufix bars also feature through-bores that allow different arrangements using integrated connection technology. After use fixtures are disassembled and individual components are available for new applications.